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Welcome to our specialised shop for Teak & Deck Supplies .

We exclusively stock sell and distribute the best brands for your teak cleaning , brightening and maintenance as well as all those brands for boat wash , metal polish and wax , staff for the housekeeping and more .Our aim is to be able to supply you with all those products of major brands in reasonable prices and have a variety for all budgets .

Conveniently located in Rhodes New Marina we welcome you to visit our showroom or call us for price consultation , orders and delivery .

We are a Boutique Chandlery offering Specialized Products and Famous Brands for Deck , Teak and General Maintenance . We are not a huge chandlery offering a big stock of goods , for this we have good associates to cover your needs . However we are the only Chandlery on Rhodes which has in stock a full range of of product line for Teak , for the Hotel Department of Your Yacht , specialized hard to find goods for housekeeping , General Maintenance items and well known brands which will be available to you with just an email or call away .